Mike Padgett sets PR for the Seattle Marathon


It was cold and it was rainy: Seattle weather for the Seattle Marathon, but Mike was undeterred. I saw Mike before the marathon and he looked cool and calm as he usually does before a race. The upcoming hills and the rainy weather didn’t seem to bother Mike at all. I guess I should expect this kind of dedication to running from Mike by now, but it still catches me off guard While I stood out handing cards to supporters and half marathoners who finished before him, Mike was running 26.2 miles in the cold and rain. Did I mention it was cold and wet? It was really cold and wet.  Mike set a PR for his Seattle Marathon time at  3 hours and 44 minutes. Congrats again Mike, it was awesome to see you running for team Rent A Tread.

I’ve posted some YouTube videos on our Rent A Tread YouTube Channel here :

And last but not least here’s me with my old friend Mikey P.

Veterans Day 50K Results Are In: Mike Padgett Finishes First!

Below are the results for the Nov 12, 2011 First Call Veterans Day 50K run. We don’t want to brag or anything (we’re going to anyways)… We sponsor the winner Mikey P! Congrats on another great accomplishment Mikey P. In talking with Mike following this run he was quick to point out that his time was decreased by the physical toll he paid from his previous Carkeek run. We think you did great buddy.  Mikey P’s next big run is the Seattle Marathon coming up in a few weekends (Nov 27th). Please come join us support Mike as he puts another Marathon under his belt.

Men’s 50K
Mike Padgett Mtlake Terrace, Wa 30—-4:41:20
Ted Eckert Issaquah, Wa 44—————-4:44:14
Guy Yogi Seattle, Wa 57 ——————–5:31:00
Jules Mann Renton, Wa 49—————–5:50:23
Max Welker Tacoma, Wa 69—————6:00:33

Carkeek 12 Hour Run

Have you ever thought about running for 12 straight hours just to try and find the limits of your physical abilities? Me neither.  However, Rent A Tread’s sponsored athlete Mikey P did exactly that completing his first ever Carkeek 12 hour run Oct 29th 2011. You can read more about the details of the event at the official Carkeek 12 hour run site here.  In an effort to offer Mikey P some support I joined him for one of his 25 loops (1.93 miles/loop).  I was sweating and exhausted after only one loop.  In a single loop there was 430ft of elevation. I know this doesn’t sound too bad so let me do some math for you… To summarize in a 12 hour period Mikey P ran 48.25 Miles and ascended 10,750 ft.  Mount Baker is almost exactly 10,750 ft.  Our hats off to you Mikey P, completing what is truly an impressive and inspiring accomplishment!

Michael Padgett

Rent A Tread is proud to sponsor Ultra Marathoner Michael Padgett (AKA Mikey P). Mikey P is an inspiring runner who has completed some incredibly impressive runs within a very short time span. Mikey P has a passion and dedication for running that can be seen in the list of his completed runs below (Current as of 12/3/2011).

  • Seattle 1/2 Marathon x2
  • Oktoberfest Marathon
  • Seattle Marathon x2 PR 3:44:12
  • Bellevue Ghost Marathon 3:58:00
  • Call of the Wild Summer 50k PR: 4:31:17
  • Echo Valley 50 Mile Ultra Marathon PR 8:59:59
  • Carkeek 12 Hour Run PR 48.25 Miles
  • Veterans Day 50K (First Place Finisher) 4:41:20

We welcome you to come join us in supporting Mike as he races in the Seattle Marathon Sunday November 27th 2011. Stay posted for updates of Mike’s running ventures!