Summit Rehab

I’m now just about 3 months out of my Achilles tendon repair. I’m currently in the rehabilitation process with Summit Rehab in Lake Stevens, WA. They have been very helpful in my recovery process. I just recently regained the ability to walk. Still no running or jumping but its a start. Stay tuned for more updates as I journey through the rehab process.

FreeMotion 510 Overstock Special

Start getting in shape and stick to it with our easy “Rent to Own” program.  While supplies last you can take advantage of our FreeMotion 510 Elliptical special which includes first months rent, deliver and set up for only $99. The following month, you will begin making $69.99 payments. After the 11th payment, the elliptical is yours!

Call (425) 608-0084 or email To Get Started!

If you decide to switch from one product to another, you can do so at any time for a nominal fee of $50 without extending the length of your “Rent to Own” period. If you find that you do not stick to your workout plan, no problem! You can cancel your “Rent to Own” program at any time after the first three months and we will come and pick it up (there is a $50 pick up fee).

As with all our rentals, we cover all service issues that may arise during the rental period.

Offer ends March 31 2012. Offer valid while supplies last. For any other questions about our services and offerings please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page here.

Mike Padgett sets PR for the Seattle Marathon


It was cold and it was rainy: Seattle weather for the Seattle Marathon, but Mike was undeterred. I saw Mike before the marathon and he looked cool and calm as he usually does before a race. The upcoming hills and the rainy weather didn’t seem to bother Mike at all. I guess I should expect this kind of dedication to running from Mike by now, but it still catches me off guard While I stood out handing cards to supporters and half marathoners who finished before him, Mike was running 26.2 miles in the cold and rain. Did I mention it was cold and wet? It was really cold and wet.  Mike set a PR for his Seattle Marathon time at  3 hours and 44 minutes. Congrats again Mike, it was awesome to see you running for team Rent A Tread.

I’ve posted some YouTube videos on our Rent A Tread YouTube Channel here :

And last but not least here’s me with my old friend Mikey P.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time when we often share what we are thankful for with others.  I have always enjoyed traditions and would like to share with all of you why I am thankful and the things that I will reflect on today.  First and foremost my family and friends.  It sounds cliche but it’s very true.  My family is far from perfect, we fight like everyone else, but we also come together and support each other.  Today is about recognizing the good things in life and showing gratitude to those who deserve it. My family is both a good thing and they deserve my gratitude. They have put up with me throughout the years and I hope they know how very much I appreciate their love and support.

In my life my friends are very similar to family.   My friends have supported me through thick and thin, they have encouraged me to follow my dreams and be true to myself even when they don’t agree with my values or dreams.  I hope that all of you are blessed with friends like mine.

Last and certainly not least I am extremely appreciative of Rent A Tread’s customers.  As many of you know we are a very small business, starting in the midst of a poor economy, and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all of you.  I want to make sure you all realize how much that means to us.  Every time we receive positive feedback it helps to encourage us and motivate us.  It validates our belief that this would be a great product and service we could provide to our community.  Thank you all so much.  I hope you all take a brief moment to reflect on the things in your life which deserve gratitude.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Our Freemotion workshop in Marysville, Washington.

We started a “rent to own” program with some of our products, namely the Freemotion treadmills and ellipticals and since it has gone so well we have found ourselves focusing more and more on that aspect of our business. We now have a small warehouse that is dedicated to the freemotion inventory. Here we keep a continuous supply of Freemotion XTR and XTR 90 treadmills and 500 rear drive ellipticals. We also have a parts area that we keep stocked to support our service garantee.

Here is the latest pick of the workshop. Thank you Max for being in the photo (he’s very shy).