How can I contact you?

You can get a hold of us a number of ways. You can call us at (425) 608-0084 or email us at We also respond to posts or comments on our site, so feel free to contact us through the site as well.

Where are you located?

We are located near Everett, WA. Our standard service ranges from Seattle to Mount Vernon. We do make exceptions on a case by case basis and there will typically be an additional fee for delivering outside of our standard service area.

Is there a deposit- if so what is the cost?

There is no deposit or security fee. We do require that we have your credit card information on file for the monthly billing.

Is there a delivery and/or removal and/or set-up charge (how much)

There is a mandatory delivery and pickup fee. The delivery and set-up charge is $100 for treadmills and ellipticals and $75 for exercise bikes. Following the initial set-up we will go over all the functionality of the machine with you and make sure that we have answered any questions you have about the machine. There is also a pickup fee ($75 for treadmills and ellipticals, $50 for exercise bikes) following your rental period. We offer referral discounts and discounts for writing a review of the company (does not have to be positive) when you are finished renting. In short very few of our customers have paid a full for the pickup fee ($75 for treadmills and ellipticals, $50 for exercise bikes).

Is there a contract- if so, what are the requirements of rental (is their a minimum rental time period)

There is a contract and waiver form. There is no set minimum number of rental periods but we do charge for monthly rental periods. The primary purpose of the contract is to document that you are aware of the monthly rate and also the service warranty. The service warranty outlined in the contract covers any issues that you have with your rental. You will not be billed for any time that your rental is not operational from normal use. You are also not responsible for any parts that need to be replaced from normal use. The waiver form simple protects us requiring that you take responsibility from anyone who is injured using the equipment.


What if my card expires during my rental period?

If your credit card expires while you are renting the very first thing we will do is attempt to contact you via phone and email. We will attempt to contact you at least two times before attempting to update your expiration date.  Assuming that you intend to fulfill the contract, we will make 4 total attempts at changing your expiration date (2-5 Years). If any of these new expiration dates are successful we will then update the expiration of the card on file. If for any reason this causes financial hardship you can request a refund and workout a payment with our accounting department.  All missed payments, overdue fees and pickup fees will need to be paid after the refund is issued.

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