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Rent A Tread
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 57 reviews
 by sonia edwards on Rent A Tread
Good Service

Rented an elliptical and Tony and his helper were able to get it up a flight of stairs and onto a balcony. Very helpful with the instructions and machine was great.

Highly recommended renting from Rent A Tread, if you want to avoid the gym.

 by Amanda on Rent A Tread
Great rental experience!

I rented a treadmill from Rentatread as I set up a treadmill desk. I rented a basic PaceMaster model and paired it with a sit-stand desk that I had purchased separately. Tony was wonderful. He and his coworkers delivered the treadmill exactly as I needed it (no arms, as they would interfere with the desk) and set it up for me. When I needed a longer cable, Tony personally brought it to me. Both the service of the company and the quality of the treadmill were excellent. As an aside, I highly recommend a treadmill desk for people who have home offices. I walked at about a 1.5mph pace for several hours each day while I worked at my computer, and I found that the constant movement helped improve both my focus and my posture. I would definitely rent from Rentatread again, and I have recommended them to all my friends in this region.

 by kerry phelps on Rent A Tread
The very best

I have rented an elliptical machine from rent a tread for the past 6 years.

The machine needed repairs one time during that 6 years and the staff was right on top of it to repair.

I lived in oak harbor (out of there service area ) when I rented the machine and they delivered and serviced anyway!!!(who does that?). I moved to Arlington , they moved machine free of charge.(who does that??)

anyway I hope you get it great company, great people, great equipment, great service, great experience, you can have gym quality equipment in your home for a fraction( I bought same machine I rented years ago for $8000.00. lost in divorce.) of the cost and you don't have to worry when it breaks.

Thanks again rentatread for your years of great service which I continue to use, just thought someone else should no about it!!!!!!!!!!

 by Emma on Rent A Tread
Absolutely wonderful!

If I could add a happy face to each star I would! They are very professional! Tony has been a great help every time. I'm a stay at home mom and my daughter has separation anxiety, so being able to just rent a treadmill at affordable price and work out at home when I can't go out it's been wonderful. Never had a problem with the treadmill. I can't wait to try the bike next!

 by Matt on Rent A Tread
Outstanding Service

I've been a happy Rent-a-Tread customer for a few years. Throughout, they have been accommodating, helpful, prompt, and personable. Honestly, this is some of the best customer service I've ever experienced from any company. There have been times when I needed to make some unconventional changes to my payment schedule, and they helped me out with no problems. Other times they have offered discounts because of slight inconveniences that weren't their fault. Every squeak or mechanical problem is fixed (or the machine is replaced!) within a couple of days of contacting them. They always respond immediately and fix the smallest problems. For the price, this is far more convenient and reliable than a gym membership. I'm really glad we found Rent-a-Tread.

 by Charlotte Johnson on Rent A Tread
Excellent Rentatread Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service. Excellent Treadmill Provided.

 by Rhonda on Rent A Tread
Excellent Experience!

My experience with this company was excellent! I rented an elliptical and was very happy with the quality of the machine and professionalism of the staff. The staff at Rent-a-Tread is helpful, knowledgeable about the equipment, and customer service oriented. They're responsive to inquiries and were willing to accommodate my schedule for delivery and pick up of the machine. I'm happy to recommend this business, and encourage you to contact them if you're considering a rental.

 by Libby on Rent A Tread

The ability to rent an elliptical short-term was exactly what I needed. I was really excited to find Rent-a-Tread and was amazed at how easy it was to get a great machine in my house ASAP. Tony was very professional and could not be nicer to deal with. I have recommended Rent-a-Tread to all my friends.

 by Ryan M on Rent A Tread
Problems? Let them know!

If you have an issue, let them know, and I guarantee you they will make it right. What went from a long, frustrating situation, mostly caused by internal miss-communication, turned into the BEST customer service I have ever experienced, from any company. I brought up my concerns and they took responsibility and seriously went above and beyond to make it right, and did it in an amazingly friendly, professional manner.

I am only leaving such a low star rating because they insisted I leave an honest review so they, and future customers, can learn and benefit from the experience. With how amazing they were, I couldn't leave lower than 3, ha ha.

They truly deserve 5 STARS for the steps they took to rectify the situation. They have won back my loyalty and respect, I just wish I brought up my concerns sooner, Thanks again guys!

 by damien on Rent A Tread

I bought an elliptical from Anthony and it worked great. We have since moved and my treadmill decided it didn't want to work when we plugged it in. Both Anthony and Tony were extremely helpful going out of their way to try to fix my machine for free over the phone. When that didn't work Anthony came by for a service call and fixed the display in one visit. He provided prompt and polite service and gave my wife maintenance tips to extend the life of our machine. I would highly recommend them for a sale, rental or service. These guys are top-notch professionals. Thanks!

 by Jessica Parr on Rent A Tread

I rented an elipitical for a few months from these guys. The elipitcal was very easy to use. It had a built in fan which was fantastic. The Ifit programs and work outs on it were great. They had it out the same day I called. And picked it up a few months later when I didnt need it anymore, I was able to lose 20lbs working out 30mins a day on that elliptical, THANK YOU guys for a fantastic job!

 by Nancy on Rent A Tread

Excellent company to do business with: knowledgeable and very helpful staff, timely service, quick and efficient installation and removable, great equipment. We were pleased all around and highly recommend Rent A Tread!

 by Cher on Rent A Tread
Amazing Service!

Wow, what a wonderful group of guys. Thanks for such prompt, helpful, and cheerful service. I'm so glad that your company exists. Rent-a-Tread has a unique niche--and makes the process of getting exercise equipment in and out of the home a snap! Tony is wonderful!

 by Nicole on Rent A Tread

So happy to have dealt with this company. Customer service is amazing, prompt, and so nice! We rented our elliptical for a year and we're sad to see it go... it was so nice to not have to make plans to go to the gym. Thank you rent a tread team!

 by J. Smith on Rent A Tread

I highly recommend this company!! They have great equipment and wonderful customer service!!

 by Dan on Rent A Tread

These folks found a needed market niche'. They've exploited it with outstanding customer service, prices and products. They found the exact machine I needed in their inventory, tailored to my physical restrictions, body type, and conditioning needs. I came to their site today, to do more commerce, and discovered they now have a "customer reviews" section. I'm not on any social network sites, so I'm glad they added this feature here. Rent from Rent-a-Tread with confidence.


 by H Brown on Rent A Tread
Great product!

This is a great service...even though we have a gym membership, we rented an elliptical to make it easier to get early morning workouts in. The equipment was great and the service was friendly and painless. We're moving to Minneapolis and hope we can find a similar set-up.

 by Kerri Johnson on Rent A Tread
Customer Service!

I Just have too thank Rentatread! Max and Anthony are the friendlest people ever! I rented a bike to exercise, and they brought it here within 2 days of my request~ the where fast, curtious, and nice! I Highly Reccomend this service if you are not ready to buy your own equipment, or if you just need so rehab on your body after surgery this is the way to go~! Thanks again Guys service was seamless! I will tell my friends I want to help your business I think everyone should try rentatread!~.....Blessings Kerri

 by Jodi Pugh on Rent A Tread
Love it!

Customer service was awesome, next day delivery. Rented a bike to work out while having a little one. The bike was easy to use and comfortable. Would defiantly recommend this company to anyone.

 by Lisa on Rent A Tread

Another reviewer said it best: Great concept and AMAZING service. Loved having a treadmill in my home without having to shell out so much money. I recently moved to an apartment complex that had its own fitness center and I didn't need the treadmill from Rent A Tread any longer. Delivery and pickup of the treadmill were on my schedule. Anthony and Max were exceptionally friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I cannot say enough good things about the people or the business.

 by Tim on Rent A Tread
Great Company

We rented an elliptical from Rent A Tread for some rehab. Service was great equipment was top notch, experience was superb. I've told all my friends about it and some of the have used this company too. Great experience.

 by Jamie G on Rent A Tread
great service, great equipment!

The staff at rent a tread is SO very friendly and nice! Anthony was so helpful and is is always so willing to go out of his way for his customers. Everyone who works at rent a tread has great customer service! I rented an eliptical and i loved it! It was just as good as the one at the gym. It looked brand new when I received it, and they set it up, showed me how to use it and all of it's functions, and showed me how easy it was to "collapse" and move around if I wanted to store it. If you're thinking about renting from rent a tread, you definitely should do it! My mom, and sister have both rented from them as well, in fact, my mom referred me to them, and we all have the same opinion about them. They are great!

 by Charlotte on Rent A Tread

Great concept and AMAZING customer service. While at home with a newborn, I wanted quick access to a treadmill so I could squeeze in activity when possible. Renting was a great option. Within one day of contacting Rent A Tread, the treadmill was installed. When I requested removal, I received same day service. Stellar customer service!

 by Tim on Rent A Tread

Love this concept and love this company. Delivery was easy, the machine is great. This is great!

 by Cathy Fletcher on Rent A Tread

This is a top notch buisness. My experience from beginning to end was flawless. Anthony was punctual, courteous, and very knowledgeable about his machines.

I would recommend Rent -A-Tread to anyone.

 by Angela on Rent A Tread
Excellent Customer Service

WOW! Excellent customer service. Anthony was so helpful thru entire process of delivery and 3 months later at pick-up time. Highly recommended! Thanks!

 by Brianne McCarty on Rent A Tread
Greatest idea EVER!!!

My husband and I were training for a 1/2 marathon and it was hard for us to get out and train due to having 4 kids. We didn't feel comfortable buying a new one because we didn't think we would use it enough to get a quality treadmill. Not only was the service perfect, but the quality of equipment was fantastic!!!! As a side note because of my ability to train I had a fantastic race time!

 by Revallee Osburn on Rent A Tread

Our elliptical broke in the middle of winter and we needed something fast to keep our workout momentum going. We found this web site on Craigslist. It was great having it delivered to the house and being able to workout at any time. Even the neighbor is using it. I also have told lots of people about it. Thanks for the great service!

 by Jennifer Russell on Rent A Tread
Best Service Ever

This was the easiest, most pain free experience I have had with a company. Why pay money to a gym when you can have the same work out at home on a device that you want to work on. No waiting for someone to get off a machine you want, no leaving your house. LOVED IT. Customer service was top notch as well. I have also told all my friends about it 🙂

 by Sameera on Rent A Tread
Great service

Great idea and hassle free service. Needed it for winter months and Andrew and Anthony delivered it promptly on the same day.They recommend the equipment and I liked it. Reasonable montly rentals. Thank you for a great service.

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