Precor 546 Commercial Elliptical




If you need to rent an elliptical for commercial use the Precor 546 is a great way to go. The Precor 546 is by far the most popular elliptical ever made for gym use and our number one pick for commercial elliptical rentals. The Precor 546 has a ton of program and heart rate options but the big thing is the motion of the machine. It is by far the most comfortable workout you can have on a piece of fitness equipment. They are also probably the most durable products made due to there great simple design and high quality components. If you have an existing business or are starting one up, please contact us to see if we can be of help when it comes to your fitness equipment and service needs. You can save a ton of money on a business startup by renting your treadmills and ellipticals through us. We can package this elliptical rental with exercise bike or treadmill rentals and really offer some great values.



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