Freemotion XTR90 Folding Treadmill




Here is a good option if you are in need of a folding treadmill. This is a feature rich treadmill that has a lot of options that our non folding treadmills do not have. This treadmill has some nice entertainment features on it including ipod/mp3 hookup with speakers that allow you to listen to music as you workout. This is a full sized treadmill with a large running surface, it has an easy to adjust shock absorbing system on it and hand held heart rate (not always impressed with the accuracy of this feature). The Freemotion XTR 90 has a top speed of 12mph and can incline up to 12%. This is a good treadmill for walkers, hikers or runners weighing under 240lbs.  Check out our video review of the Freemotion XTR 90 Treadmill to get more in depth information available here


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